Saturday, 4 April 2015

Cadburys world!

I went to cadburys world in Birmingham (UK) so I thought I would share some parts of my trip. The pictures were taken on my iPhone 4s so sorry for the quality.

This was my favourite part because it actually feels like you are on a ride. It was basically the only exciting part for me.

This is the building that the tour takes place in. You are able to see how the chocolate is made and how it is packaged. You also find out about the history of cadbury which was extremely boring.  I did get some warm melted diary milk chocolate though, yum!

 Before we left, we went on a ride that was baby-ish but this was my favoruite part because of all the pretty lights. I want my bedroom ceiling to be like this. (Spot the creepy cadburys characters - I don't know what they're called)

I'm not sure if  this is a boring post or not but thanks for reading anyway! 

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