Thursday, 10 December 2015

Lash sensational vs roller lash

Lash sensational vs Roller lash! Which do I prefer?



Lash sensational
This mascara works okay for a drugstore product.
The brush is a little bit harder to work with.
You need a couple of layers and it didn't give me much volume.
It's not as long lasting.
No eyelash curler used.

Roller lash
This mascara is great and it is definitely a staple in my makeup bag.
The brush gets all of my lashes easily.
It separates my lashes and lifts them up.
It doesn't clump and it is long-lasting.
You don't need many layers, just one or two.
I do not use an eyelash curler with this mascara.


Although both of these products are quite similar,
I definitely prefer the roller lash as it worked better for me and I would repurchase it.
I would not repurchase the lash sensational, Maybelline have better mascaras.

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