Monday, 15 February 2016

First impressions of first aid beauty | RCM

So I've heard some good stuff about first aid beauty so I wanted to get something to try.
I got this mini set which included a face cleanser and a packet of 10 face pads.

Face cleanser
This cleanser could be used in the morning or in the evening.
I have been using this as my morning cleanser.
It leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.
In the morning, I prefer something that gives me a tingly clean feeling
so I will continue using this but as my evening cleanser.
I will not be buying the full size product.

Facial radiance pads
These pads are meant to be used daily but since I only got 10 to try, 
I have been using them every other day.
They make my skin soft and brightened.
My skin looks healthy when I use these.
These will defnitely be an essential in my skincare routine.
I will be buying the full size product.

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  1. This is interesting. The only product I use by this company is the oatmeal face mask that's meant to sooth the skin. I like it but it isn't life changing.

    S .x

    1. You should definitely try the facial radiance pads!