Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Movies I wanna watch / Music I'm loving

I wanted to have a little talk about two of my favourite things,
movies and music.

Movies on my watch list:
- The Jungle Book
- Beauty & the Beast
- Bad Moms
- Mother's Day
- Dear Eleanor 
- Jack of the Red Hearts
- Finding Dory
- Alice Through The Looking Glass
- Maggie's Plan
- Me Before You 

Music I'm loving: 
- 7/27 (Fifth Harmony) 
Favourite songs from the album: 
Work from Home, Squeeze, Scared of Happy, Dope, No Way

- Lemonade (Beyonce) 
Favourite songs from the album: 
Hold Up, Sorry, Sandcastles, All Night

- Dangerous Women (Ariana Grande)
Favourite songs from the album: 
Be Alright, Greedy, Leave Me Lonely, Bad Decisions

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  1. You need to watch The Jungle Book, such a lovely movie and incredibly well done! xxxxx

    1. I will do! So excited to watch :) xxx

  2. Me Before You is so sad but so cute you'll love it, I also need to go see the new Jungle Book!

    Love Jen,
    Velvet Spring | Beauty Lifestyle and Fashion

    1. I can't wait till it's available on iTunes!