Tuesday, 5 July 2016

How I deal with breakouts

Since I have bad skin right now, I wanted to share my tips on how I deal with breakouts.

What I use:

Clearasil ultra rapid action pads
(Good for drying out pimples! ONLY USE ON AND AROUND THAT AREA).

(Also good for drying out pimples - only use on pimples).

(I have been using the skincare cream as a treatment & moisturiser)
(Although I have been using coconut oil, I don't think that is the best for 
your face so I will be using argan oil instead).

Tips to avoid breakouts:

Do not touch your face
(I have a habit of always touching my face and I 
know that it causes breakouts).

Keep your hands clean
(If you can't stop your habit, you may aswell just try to make sure
that your hands are always clean).

Wash your face a few times a day
(I always do this and I definitely think it helps).

Don't cake on makeup
(Try and cleanse your skin and start again).

(My skin starts playing up if I'm slacking).

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  1. I've been suffering with breakouts recently and these tips will really help! Great post lovely!

    Ella xx