Friday, 26 August 2016

Bath and body works

A family member gifted all of these goodies to me!
All of them smell so good I could eat them.
 I'm so excited to use them all now.


A Thousand Wishes
(Shower gel, body mist, body lotion)

Vanilla Berry Sorbet
(Hand sanitizer)

Japanese Cherry Blossom
(Hand sanitizer)

Dazzling Diamond
(Hand sanitizer)

Mad about you
(Hand sanitizer)

Warm Vanilla Sugar
(Hand wash)
Japanese Cherry Blossom
(Hand cream)
Dark Kiss

Japanese Cherry Blossom
(Mini Candle)
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Friday, 19 August 2016

6 youtubers to watch

I enjoyed talking about new youtubers that I watch last time so I decided to do 
it again since I am watching some new channels.

1. Sarah Rae Vargas
Recently came across one of her latest videos and
 I really like her chatty videos and vlogs

2. Bramty Juliette 
I saw this channel in my recommended videos section and 
I really liked how honest she is. 

3. Kathleen Lights
 I'm so late.... how have I never seen any of her videos until now.

4. BuzzfeedYellow
Completely obsessed with ladylike so I watch any videos they are in.

5. Clevver Style
I have come across this channel before but never took an interest till now.

6. Bethany Leigh
I haven't seen many of her videos yet but I am so excited to binge watch.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Makeup brands | Drugstore & Highend

I wanted to share what products I like from my favourite brands.
Also what brands I'd really like to try!

Favourite drugstore brands: 
- Maybelline
The eye makeup is the best!
I love the mascaras and cream eyeshadows.

- Rimmel 
The lipsticks are great.
I like the eyeliners too.

- Sleek
The eyeshadows are affordable and they are good.

- Loreal
The liquid eyeliners are good.
I really need to try more lipsticks from them.

- Soap & glory
Very affordable and amazing range of products.
I love their eye makeup

Drugstore brands that I want to try: 
I have seen so many good reviews about this brand 
and I really want to try it when it's available in my local boots.

- Colourpop
Now that they ship worldwide, I will definitely be making an order.

Favourite highend brands:
- Mac
I will never stop using their lipsticks.
I really want to try their eye makeup.

- Dior
I love their lip products.

- Nars 
I enjoy using their cheek products.

- Urban Decay
They have amazing eye makeup.
I really want more palettes! 

- Too Faced
I love the eyeshadow palettes.

Highend brands I'd like to try:
Whenever I go pass a counter, I never know what to try out.

- Charlotte Tilbury 
I really want some of the lip products.

- Anastasia Beverly Hills
Might have to jump on the bandwagon and order a glow kit.

- Morphe Brushes
The palettes I want to try out are totally impossible to get a hold of.

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