Friday, 19 August 2016

6 youtubers to watch

I enjoyed talking about new youtubers that I watch last time so I decided to do 
it again since I am watching some new channels.

1. Sarah Rae Vargas
Recently came across one of her latest videos and
 I really like her chatty videos and vlogs

2. Bramty Juliette 
I saw this channel in my recommended videos section and 
I really liked how honest she is. 

3. Kathleen Lights
 I'm so late.... how have I never seen any of her videos until now.

4. BuzzfeedYellow
Completely obsessed with ladylike so I watch any videos they are in.

5. Clevver Style
I have come across this channel before but never took an interest till now.

6. Bethany Leigh
I haven't seen many of her videos yet but I am so excited to binge watch.

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  1. Yes yes yes to Clevver Style! Like you, I've never been interested until now. I think their new Beauty Trippin' video series is what got me! I'll have to check out these other YouTubers.


    1. I love that series! Beauty break and lunchy break are also good to watch :)